21 Startups in BLOCK71 Jakarta

Since we opened our space to startups community in March 2017, we have received many applications and hosted 21 startups to date. We are grateful for the tremendous enthusiasm and support from the community.

Here we would like to share with you the 21 startups currently based in BLOCK71 Jakarta. Send us a note at [email protected] if you want to find out more about us. Interested in joining BLOCK71 Jakarta community and get access to our coworking space? Fill in this application form.


1. 8villages

Founder: Sanny Gaddafi | Industry: agritech

8villages builds cloud-based messaging platform, allowing real-time communication between rural farmers and customers.


2. AC Calls

Founder: Ketut Sudarmawan, Sidiq Hisam and Mustafa | Industry: on-demand, hardware

AC Calls is an on-demand mobile application providing installation and servicing for air conditioners. The startup is currently building a smart device to track air conditioner performances.


3. Airfrov

Founder: Cai Li and Robi | Industry: travel, marketplace

Airfrov is a peer-to-peer marketplace that connects individual to traveler for product shopping overseas.


4. Artawana

Founder: Robert and Rocky Stephanus  | Industry: fintech

Artawana is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace.


5. AsianParent

Founder: Roshni Mahtani | Industry: digital media

AsianParent is an online parenting publishers with an ultimate mission to be mum's best friend and to support mums through her motherhood journey.


6. Bildeco

Founder: Errika Ferdinata | Industry: construction, e-commerce

Bildeco builds material e-commerce to help construction companies get the best deals from the principal.


7. Carro

Founder: Aaron Tan and Aditya Lesmana | Industry: automotive, marketplace

Carro is a used car marketplace that cuts the middleman in between thus creating a better customer experience.


8. CashShield

Founder: Justin Lie, Junxian Lee and Irene Brime | Industry: data security

CashShield is a fraud management solution aimed at optimising the profits of merchants through the use of passive biometric analysis, big data and machine learning.


9. CastKo

Founder: Chun Dong Yoon and Sung Bin Park | Industry: digital media

Castko is a Korean news aggregator with present in Southeast Asian countries.


10. Codigo

Founder: Adrian Ng | Industry: software development

Codigo is a Singapore-based mobile app development company.


11. eFishery

Founder: Gibran Huzaifah, Muhammad Ihsan Akhirulsyah and Chrisna Aditya | Industry: aquaculture tech

eFishery makes a smart feeding system aimed at the fish and shrimp farming industries.


12. Financial Wisdom

Founder: Adjie Wicaksana, Dira Illanoor and Nicky | Industry: fintech, edtech

Financial Wisdom is an education portal for financial literature.


13. Glints

Founder: Ying Cong Seah, Oswald Yeo and Qin En Looi | Industry: recruitment

Glints is a career discovery and development platform and graduate recruitment network in Asia.


14. Grya

Founder: Ferry Sutanto | Industry: interior and home design, e-commerce

Grya is a platform of the most comprehensive ecosystem helping users in designing their perfect dream home.


15. HelloBill

Founder: Ponky Sutanto and William Suryawijaya | Industry: fintech, POS

HelloBill HelloBill builds POS system for small and medium businesses.


16. Holistics

Founder: Vincent Woon, Thanh Dinh Khac and Huy Nguyen | Industry: Software as a Service, business intelligence

Holistics is a cloud business intelligence software that automates the preparation of raw data and visualize them into business insights.


17. KliknKlin

Founder: Raka Destama and Irfan Fadhila | Industry: on-demand

KliknKlin builds an on-demand laundry app and runs laundry business network.


18. Pinjam

Founder: Teguh Ariwibowo and Sofian Hadiwijaya | Industry: fintech

Pinjam is a pawn shop and peer-to-peer lending platform.


19. Popbox

Founder: Adrian Lim and Greta Bunawan | Industry: logistics

Popbox is an automated parcel locker that allows people to send, receive and return a parcel conveniently.


20. Skyshi

Founder: Rizqinofa Putra Muliawan | Industry: software development

Skyshi is a software development company.


21. Viddsee

Founder: Ho Jia Jian and Derek Tan | Industry: video

Viddsee is an entertainment channel and technology platform that distributes and markets short movies from Asia through targeted communities.