Building high-impact solutions for Smart, Sustainable Environments, Future of Food, Health & Wellbeing, Industry 4.0 or Web 3.0 in Indonesia, for Asia, or scalable across the world? We've got your back with access to markets, tech, funding, talent and so much more.

We add most value to teams who meet the following criteria:
✓ Science and Technology startups
✓ Existing Customer Traction (Market Ready Solution)
✓ Looking to scale across Southeast and East Asia in the next one year


Company Details
Officially Registered Business/Company Name, Only for incorporated companies

To be filled if the name has not been incorporated or if the company has a different project name
How many startups are there in your Startup?
My company, (name) is developing a (defined offering) to help (target audience) (solve a problem) (with secret sauce)
What kind of pain/problem is your company trying to solve?
How is your Startup addressing the problem in the best possible way, or what is the unique value proposition of your Startup?
Who are your competitor(s)? Please include current, potential, and indirect competitor(s).
How is your startup better that your competitors' solution(s)?
How is your startup earning a revenue? Please highlight potential revenue sources.
Target Customer
Who are the target customers for your products/solutions/services? 
Personal Details
Founder's Full Name
Founder's Contact Number
Founder's Background/Bio
Please share the LinkedIn profile of your startup's Founder. If your Startup has more than founder, please seperate the links with a comma (,). 
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For how many people? 
Support Required
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What type of support are you looking for, from BLOCK71?
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