Meet The VCs 2.0.

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Hello everyone! Today we are super excited to unveil our VCs shortlisted for our Meet The VCs 2.0. We're very happy to welcome Felicia Trenseno, Investment Associate at Gobi Partners, Vincent Yunnaraga CFA, Investment Associate at Gobi Partners, Richie Wirjan, VP Investment at SBI - Orbit, and Yudi Anugrah, Manager Investment at Kejora SBI - Orbit. So, for all founders out there if you need insight or feedback for your Startup, let’s join our Meet The VCs 2.0, and don’t miss this opportunity! Meet The VCs 30 June 2020 Flow: Open Registration: 09 April 2021 - 15 April 2021 Curation: 16 April 2021 - 19 April 2021 1ST MEETING with IF TEAM: 20 April 2021 2ND MEETING with VCs: 22 April 2021 3RD MEETING with VCs: 30 April 2021