Kopi Chat: Strategies for Small Startups to Engage with Big Corporations

Thursday, 28 September, 2017 - 07:00pm to 09:00pm




Yellow Conference Room


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Partnership can be a great opportunity to drive startup growth but it can be tough to get the attention of a mega operator. How to convince them to join forces with you?

To get insights on how to engage with big corporations, join us for our next run of Kopi Chat with Irzan Raditya of Kata.ai.

Enhanced with a strong technical background and his set of diverse skills in entrepreneurship, Irzan Raditya is a man of concept and cutting-edge ideas. Upon his graduation from University of Applied Sciences for Engineering and Economics in Berlin (HTW Berlin) in 2012, Irzan had worked at some notable startup players in Europe startup scene, such as Rocket Internet's Zalando and Takeaway.com. Irzan believes in “a tap for a help”, meaning that technology exists to ease people with daily life, therefore everything he does with technology must be valuable to the people who use them. Align with “a tap for a help” concept, he co-founded Kata.ai, the first AI-conversational platform with the focus on Natural Language Processing for Southeast Asian languages, connecting brands with millions of their audience through the commonly-used messaging channels.

Kata.ai is conversational AI platform in Indonesia that builds Natural Language Understanding of Bahasa Indonesia to increase brands’ customer engagement through automated intelligent conversations using popular messaging channels. Our team is backed by prominent VC firms in the region, rapidly growing with large enterprise customers adoption in Banking, FMCG, E-Commerce and Telecommunication industries.