Kopi Chat with Goola

Jakarta, 30th October 2019, In this month’s Kopi Chat, we had an interesting discussion about Combining Technology with Conventional Industry. Featuring CEO & Co-Founder of Goola, Kevin Susanto, he shared his business journey in making Goola as the local champion in Indonesia, whose spirit led the most notable investor from Indonesia, Alpha JWC Ventures granting them US$5M in August 2019.

After he got back from Sydney, he continued with his family business in plastic manufacturing and packaging for F&B business. Entrepreneurship blood run through his vain and soon in 2018, he had the idea of making Indonesia’s traditional drinks popular by opening Goola, together with seasoned F&B businessmen Gibran Rakabuming, who is also Indonesia’s First Son. 

He said that the business started as traditional food and beverage business until one day, one of Susanto’s friends introduced him to Alpha JWC Ventures. They were intrigued by the traditional twist of the 22 drinks in their four beverage series: Signature, Tea, Coffee, and Refreshing, all locally sourced ingredients. Goola shares the same mission and ambition as Alpha JWC, whos F&B portfolio includes Kopi Kenangan.

“If Thailand has Thai Tea and China has Bubble Tea, then Indonesia has Goola.”,says Kevin.