Innovation Night Networking Night at BLOCK71 Jakarta

Jakarta, 9th October 2019. Innovation Factory, JETRO and NUS Enterprise hosted a networking night at BLOCK71 Jakarta on 9th October 2019. Coinciding with the Tech in Asia conference in Indonesia, Innovation Night at BLOCK71 Jakarta invites local and japanese tech entrepreneurs, investors and startup enthusiast for a night of fun, social networking event for like-minded individuals. 

The night was opened by welcoming statement by Mr. Adrian Lim, Director of Innovation Factory, Mr Keishi Suzuki , President of Jetro Jakarta, and Miss. Agustin Marjani, representative of NUS Enterprise. Mr. Adrian Lim shared that the night is ,”an opportunity for startup from Japan and Indonesia to meet and mingle to share their business ideas and to also meet investors in Indonesia tech startup ecosystem.”

Ricky Willianto of Ravenry also shared their insight on Indonesian startup ecosystem citing ”Indonesia raised USD4.7 Billion Dollar in funding as the second most active investment hub in Asia, after Singapore with more than fifty percent of said investment is coming from the logistic, fintech and e-commerce industry. Indonesia has also recently announced its fifth unicorn , OVO, joining its peers Gojek, a decacorn, Tokopedia, Bukalapak and Traveloka.”  

With more than 200 attendees, the networking night offered an opportunity for its attendees to mingle with their peers and share their interest and entrepreneurial journeys. As a tech startup ecosystem builder, BLOCK71 Indonesia is committed to empowering local founders solve real local problem.