Indofood Local Pitch Competition Winner Announcement

After going through the applications and announcing the 10 finalists, Indofood Local Pitch Competition has finally concluded the final pitch competition.

Before the pitching day, our finalists had a mentoring session with the three talented mentors to improve their pitch. And on Wednesday, September 19th, 2018 in BLOCK71 Jakarta, they have pitched their way to solve nutrition issues in Indonesia.

Here are the problems that we want them to solve:

  1. Childhood obesity
  2. Under-5 (balita) stunting
  3. Anaemia in adolescence

All the 10 finalists gave their pitch to solve all the issues above, and the judges break it down to three winners. The winners will receive a total cash prize of IDR 50 million, a week worth of mentoring and technical advice from Indofood and Scaling Up Nutrition Business Network (SBN), and the first winner will also attend the Nutrition Africa Investor Forum in Nairobi.

Here are the three winners from the Indofood Local Pitch Competition

1st Winner: Rumah Kelor

Rumah Kelor is producing organic moringa (kelor) to help solve malnutrition. Moringa is believed to have a lot of nutrient compared to other food, and it’s easy to grow in tropical climate. Rumah Kelor is based in Blora, Central Java.

2nd Winner: YANT Sorghum

YANT Sorghum is a West Nusa Tenggara based sorghum producer. They process sorghum from local farmers to help both the farmers and distribute the sorghum to help solve the nutrition issue. Sorghum is a zero waste product and also gluten free.

3rd Winner: Garda Pangan

Garda Pangan is a food bank from Surabaya, East Java that focuses on waste food. They collect extra food from the hospitality industries (hotels, manufactures) and food service businesses (restaurants, diners, etc), and soon will be distributed to pre-prosperous community in Surabaya.

Congratulations to all winners and thank you to all finalists for coming all the way to Jakarta for the pitch session!