Congratulations, Maslaha! Winner of IPLAN Innovation Challenge

The day our participants eagerly waited for has finally come: The Innovation Challenge Final Demo Day, a chance to get up to IDR 100 million funding and an exclusive invitation to AVPN Conference in Singapore. Taking place right at BLOCK71 Jakarta, our panel of six highly accomplished judges, such as Hasanuddin Yasni (Chairman of Cold Chain Association), Ravi Menon (Country Manager of GAIN), Eko Irianto (Head Research for Cultivation and Biotechnology KP), Flora Chrisantine (IPLAN ARPI), Lucky Esa (Coach at Asia Entrepreneurship Training Program) and Sanny Gadaffy (CEO of 8 Villages) gathered up to give the last assessment to the last pitch of the startups on June 24, 2019.

What is the Challenge About?

IPLAN Innovation challenge is an initiative to find solutions to reduce fresh fish post harvest loss in Indonesia. It is organized by GAIN through I-PLAN program, working together with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia. Their partners include BLOCK71 Jakarta who provides mentoring session from Innovation Factory itself and the innovation and enterprise company of Nanyang Technological University, NTUitive. After the first challenge, Innovation Factory, GAIN and NTU together, organized another series of programme called NTUit Programme. This program convened for 8 weeks started from 15 January - 26 March for all the selected finalists.

The program started with a visit to Probolinggo in January and mentoring session on customer segmentation, interviewing skills and anything related to the business and personal development of the finalists, which was held by BLOCK71 Jakarta. It soon followed by a second visit to Surabaya on 11 February and several webinar and boot camp sessions that lasted until 28 February. 

The Innovation Factory mentors include several accomplished experts in their industries, such as Bonnie Susilo, founder of FOODLAB Indonesia, Karyana Hutomo, Industry Relations Specialist for Employability & Entrepreneurship, Iwan Murty, CEO of PT Tristar Service and Stephanie Arifin, Director of PLUS Platform Usaha Sosial. The finalists even got a chance to visit one of the biggest fish markets in East Java, during their trip, along with the mentors and guests. 

Getting to Know the Winners and Their Inventions

GAIN provided grant to all the four finalists (Maslaha, Prominator, Co-Fresh and CoolLar) IDR 400 million each to develop, pilot and market their product. They were given eight weeks to test and sell their product in the selected locations in Probolinggo and Surabaya. 

On the Final Demo Day, the overall winner was announced based on the reports made by the finalists and the overall observations throughout the program. Maslaha, the first winner, had impressed all of the judges with their innovation of a safe, chemical based ‘ice’ that is available up to 24 hours with temperature below 27 celsius to maintain the quality of fish; Co-Fresh provides display facilities for fresh fish. Prominator, on the other hand, has a mobile cold storage box with three wheels and solar panels. While CoolLar came up with the idea of a cold storage box that uses NaCL as a cooling ingredient. 

Coming out as the first winner, Maslaha is hoping to get more funds in the future. With a plan to seal a future investing agreement with Mr. Inderjit Singh Dhaliwal (CEO of Ntuitive), this can be seen as a good sign for more funding opportunities to come. For more detailed updates from the winners innovation and progress, you can contact GAIN and BLOCK71 Jakarta. 

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